#mondaymusings Change the World 8.22.16


School is back into full swing as the kiddos completed their first full week and all is well. Obligatory first day of school photo of our little tribe. Mornings are a hustle and bustle. “Wake up!!!” Multiple reminders of what the day holds, reminders to brush teeth and get snacks, breakfast-eating, lunch-making, bag-packing and scurrying out the door to school. And then it is quiet. Just

I stink at balance…but I’m getting better.

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Though I hesitate to admit this publicly, most people who know me are probably nodding their heads right now. It’s okay. Yes, I stink at balance. How in the world can I do better? Is it even possible? I know that God has made me perfectly and wonderfully with both my strengths and my weaknesses (Thank you, Holley Gerth for clarifying that in You’re Already

Happy and Quick Handmade Stationery Notes


I need to sit down and send some thank you cards this week. This post has me excited about doing just that! Though I’m so behind around here – I actually lost my mind (don’t ask, it’s a common occurrence) and got ahead on a couple of things so I had time to put this post together! LOL! Recently, I had a fun little crafter-noon and

NEW Happy Planners! Sneak Peek!

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Hey y’all – thanks for hopping over! Happy Monday! Welcome to the new 2016-2017 Happy Planner™ BLOG HOP featuring posts by the me & my BIG ideas Design Team! I’m Janna and I’ve been crafting since the stone age! So fun to be a part of this team and welcome, welcome to my little neck of the woods (internet).  Bookmark me with Bloglovin’ or follow

2016 Printable DIY Flip Desk Calendar


I really can’t have enough calendars – especially if they are pretty and inspiring! I find myself always in need of a month-at-a-glance calendar on my desk that shows just the month/days/dates to help in planning ahead and something easy to flip to later months to check dates too. I created this design inspired by something by Mara Mi I saw years ago – and I’ve

#thewriteword 1.26.16 – It Is Well with My Soul


It makes my heart soar to get custom requests for hand-lettering and calligraphy work. What fun it would be to just doodle the days away! There are certain friends and clients that I love working with too! Many times I can sit down and doodle till the cows come home, but I take commissions seriously and I take quite a bit of time planning, designing

Year at a Glance printable – for the mambi Happy Planner™


I set down to get organized this last week and started putting together a few weeks in my Happy Planner™ – when I kept looking for dates to see when they fell on the calendar, plus, needing a reference for my blank calendar sheets. So…I thought I’d create a quick printable calendar to share!! Just print this file: year at a glance (I’ve included a color version and

dates to remember | calendar book DIY

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Okay, this isn’t a resolution, but something I’m going to try to do in 2016 is snail mail something each week this year. #postandpresent To help organize this challenge and the growing list of birthdays, occasions and events I have to remember, I decided to re-create a DIY date book workshop project I did a few years ago – to keep all of those significant dates close

#workingmamamonday 12.28.15 – Getting it Together

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Plans for the new year, blog action and other musings. Much like y’all, after weeks of the busyness leading up to Christmas day, I finally had a day of rest. Total laziness, rejuvenation, doing whatever I wanted, reading a little, pure nothingness. I got up at 5:30 am, I didn’t want to waste a minute of my lazy, wonderful day. Made the coffee, made the