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I’m Ba…aaaaaaaaack…

Well, after a four year hiatus (insert crazy middle aged lady decides to go back to school to finish graphic design degree) from the blog…I'm back. 

Working on freshening the visuals, content, creating regular content…making plans and sharing more of our creative adventures from here at Wilsonville. I feel better when I write. And it helps me sort out thoughts. 

So my life is a dream right now. Being done with the grind of attending college full-time is akin to that feeling when you think you are missing a kid. You get real scared at inopportune moments (like when your head finally hits the pillow at night) OMG did I do my online class homework? When was that due!?? — Not having to have those little panic sessions has definitely extended my life span.

A typical week for me now is three days working at the print shop and two days working in my office on freelance projects– or now that its summer, running kids to and fro and working on projects in the evenings/weekend. Its nice to have a few days in the office/public setting and working with fellow creatives is energizing…and –keeps my mind sharp! And its even nicer to be able to work from home. Trying to find balance is really difficult. I've been hired on as a freelancer with DaySpring…so that is SUPER DUPER exciting. DaySpring is a division of Hallmark and it is like Heaven on Earth in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. I should be starting some projects next month for that sweet gig! 

I've had some super fun freelance projects the last few weeks this shirt for Luke Pruitt's first single release…love the song, Your Man that inspired the shirt design. Here's some of the work in progress…

2014-05-15 01.27.41

I created a very unique save the date that incorporated a Hereford bull that I watercolored. I'm hooked on watercolor now. 

2014-06-08 18.34.37

 In fact I went on to finish the custom commissioned piece below with a wreath of watercolored elements. It was my first time to paint with watercolors. IN LOVE! You can purchase a digital print of the design below in my Etsy shop




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